Saying Goodbye To Facebook

Facebook is fun. I liked it a lot. But I’m leaving it today.

I’ll miss its incessant notifications, all the “likes”, weather reports, smiling birthday notifications and spooky adds about stuff I just looked at elsewhere a few hours ago; everything bouncing around in an attention grabbing silo created by some powerful invisible algorithm designed to keep my eyeballs locked on it, way beyond a reasonable time.

It was fun for a while but honestly, Facebook now makes me nervous. I don’t trust it. I used to think of it as a wonderful digital product created to allow me to interact with friends, family and acquaintances. I now feel Facebook is not a product for my use. 

Pure and simple, Mark Zuckerberg wants my eyeballs to sell to others. 

My concern about Facebook also extends to Instagram since Facebook owns that too. So that’s going as well.

I’ll miss them both but…Goodbye!

PS I’ll still be on Twitter and right here. I do like blogging!