Beyond The Shore


There are always places beyond where we are now and then beyond that until we finally come home and find them here.

Working Title


It’s Up To You

Zen Coast


The location I took this from is a high bluff north of the small California town of Jenner. The day was overcast and misty and the result to me seems rather meditative.

Zen Coast


It was foggy today as we cruised down this beautiful stretch of California coastline. The cool gentle air gave the edge of the sea a meditative quality.

By The River


Standing by a slow flowing river, feeling the quiet of the day. A moment of being with what is.



I would find it hard to describe what I see here except to say that the hand carved curves, falling like fabric on the face of the tall bowl, stand in stark contrast to the perfectly symmetrical prissy circles of the wall covering.

Rounding The Bend


Just Rocks

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