There You Are!


What?! You’ve never heard two balloons talking?

Pizza Man Portrait


He seemed like a nice guy and rather wistful. He had to prepare an order for 15 pizzas before they opened for business today. His early order for tomorrow is 75!

Red and Yellow


Yes it’s a subway station and yes a train is just pulling out of the platform across the way but looking at it more abstractly it’s a series of red verticals juxtaposed with a curving yellow line. No people, no action, just color and lines.

Exit…Old Guy Heading Down


Old Age Is Not For Sissies

Rockland Harbor

P1080358smallIt’s all about the color yellow and a host of vertical elements.



Sometimes All It Takes Is A Color

Mrs. Squash And Her New Baby

R0330703smallPlease forgive this rather silly photograph but, I just couldn’t resist the curves of these two little fused squashes. I was going to post this in black and white but, truth be told, I liked their yellow color too.

Back to more “fine-arty” things tomorrow.

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