Valet (A Personal Editorial)


The sign on the umbrella coupled with this young black man with his head on his hands seems to send a contemporary message.

Pulling Strings


Here is a window cleaning guy hoisting a bucket up to his buddy. Nothing particularly dramatic going on but the yellow coat, the absence of other figures and his pose certainly helps.

The Price You Pay


Carrying around a big camera with a long lens, something I rarely do, makes people understandably suspicious. However that price is worth it if the composition of the photograph works out. 

Catching The Light


That’s part of our struggle isn’t it?

Waiting For The Muse

R0330485smallThe trouble with waiting for a great flash of inspiration is, a lot of the times it just never shows up and one is left sitting with a brush or a camera in hand staring out the window. The great visual artist Chuck Close once said,“Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

So true! Doing great stuff means doing a ton of not great stuff first. I was recently looking back over the posts I have made over the last couple of years in this blog and was appalled by the relatively few “keepers” in the batch. Not that the “non-keepers” were terrible mind you but, in hindsight I could have done better, sometimes MUCH better.

So…sigh…Mr. Close is right. It’s time to take my camera in hand and go back to work.

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