Skating Silhouettes


It’s peculiar but I think these cropped shadows tell the story  of the ice rink’s motion and confusion almost as well as a full on color photograph could have done. 

Skating On The Frog Pond

P1010520small.jpgToday is a bluebird winter day, a lovely Saturday where the emphasis is getting outdoors and having fun. The powers that be have just opened Boston Common’s Frog Pond for skating and all, I mean ALL, skill levels are on the ice.



Boston’s Winter Memorial


To say this place had a lousy winter would be an understatement. However, today the temperature is in the low 60s and people are feeling positively giddy about the fine weather. This guy was laughing as he took a picture of this quickly melting pile of last season’s misery. “Great reminder..” he said, “Glad it’s finally over.”

Amen to that.

Winter Beach…Rockport Harbor,Maine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems hard to believe now, but people actually happily swim here in the summer. We have snow, sleet and freezing rain predicted for tomorrow. I guess then we will wish for the sunshine of today. Everything is relative isn’t it?