Silver Fox…Maybe Later


There are so many stories out here on the street. Of course it is not for me to know what they are but I have a lot of fun making them up.

I like shooting through restaurant windows. If I’m lucky I can catch an enigmatic couple like this one.

Evening Shadows


As darkness descends and starts to blot out what was once more easily seen, lighted windows provide keyholes to the interior lives of our backyard neighbors.

Dirty Windows

L1000138-Editsmall.jpgI went down just now to our local Starbucks to get the Sunday paper. Naturally I had a camera along. Lately the 28mm lens has been my favorite weapon for capturing images in the street. Going back I passed this guy busily working on washing the windows of a nearby restaurant. What drew me to this composition is the large expanse of soapy glass. The fellow doing all the work isn’t front and center. His project is. 

Early Morning Windows

R0331383smallIt’s the quiet time and a drizzle is falling. Soon the light of a gray day will illuminate the city. But for a few more minutes I can be alone with the soft sound of the rain.



The Goddamn “Window”


As photographers we all have to contend with “windows”. Not only is one in front of us, affecting what we see but one is also in front of whoever looks at the pictures we take.

What is this window? It’s the intellectual and emotional conditioning all humans walk around with. What we see, think and feel about a subject may be totally different from what that subject means to our viewers.

The best photographs are those that somehow manage to bring together the human the clicks the shutter and the human that sees the result with a minimum of distortion from all of our goddamn “windows”. 

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