Only In Boston


Occasionally we get some pretty interesting stuff happening in our neighborhood. For instance yesterday there was a company of “Red Coats” camping out overnight on Boston Common to commemorate the British invasion of Boston.

Not only that but we also had some sort of futuristic cyborg thing hanging around too.


Seeing Is Believing

large- copy.jpg

On a sunny weekend in the Faneuil Hall market there are obviously a TON of tourists milling around. However mixed into the run of the mill visitors from Dayton and De Moines there are a few folks that defy discription.

Here is one of them.

“Chicken Head House”…Really


Chicken  House (A Sculpture)

When we had our art and antique business we would often drive from one coast to the other looking for things to sell in our shop. I think we saw this “sculpture” in Marfa or, more probably, Marathon, Texas. The thing was fastened to the back of a shed down some side street.

I have NO idea what the “artist” was thinking but I know I’ve never seen anything like it.