On A Canal In Amsterdam


I’ve been away from this space for a while on a trip to Europe with friends. We’re still travelling but I thought I’d post this photograph I took on a boat trip around Amsterdam’s famous canals. There is something magical about moving almost silently around a city on water. (Our boat was electric.)

The juxtaposition of the serenity of water with the jostling hustle of a big urban area just a few yards away was unsettling at first. However, after a while the two melded together and centuries of history settled on us like a warm wool blanket.

Portrait Of Maine


We’re in the town of Wiscasset¬†at the public landing looking back towards the Route 1 bridge. I didn’t think much of this photograph when I took it, but upon reviewing it today the geometric monotone simplicity of the thing makes me very happy.

For those of you who don’t know this state, it’s easy to be fooled by its natural splendor and think it’s some sort of beautiful retreat. It’s not. It’s harsh, unforgiving and hard as nails. But once you come to terms with it, Maine can be a healing place like no other.¬†

Frog Pond Sunset


It was over 90 degrees yesterday in Boston and as you might guess this wading pool was packed all day. Just before it closed last night I went out for a walk around it. There were kids everywhere running, splashing and just plain having a hell of a good time. Taking a good photograph of the chaos was difficult because composing anything worthwhile in the swirling mass of bodies was really difficult. Finally after what seemed like endless attempts I got this grouping. To be honest there was a lot of luck involved but no matter I’ll take it!

A Fluid Exchange



In the Morikami Garden near here there is a mesmerizing little bamboo water transfer device that works by gravity. Every 30 seconds or so a length of hinged bamboo is filled from a bamboo pipe coming from a unseen water source. When full, the hinged section pivots and dumps its load into a small shallow pool that has been partially filled by visitor’s coins.

To be honest the coins cast a somewhat discordant note on the beautiful simplicity of the device but one can see why a visitor might want to leave something  behind to bath in the watery magic.