On Ice


This group of ice walkers are strolling around what we locals call the lagoon in Boston’s Public Garden. In warm weather this place would be filled with swan boats and ducks. Today the temperature reached almost 50 giving everybody a break from the frigid temperatures we’ve been having. It was VERY welcome.

Shining Spring Gems


Today the temperature here in Boston went over 70 degrees. It’s time to do some serious mental housecleaning and begin to concentrate on the all the beauty that surrounds us. 


L1000865small.jpgWell here it is the 1st of May and around here I can’t say it’s much different from the last day in April, except it’s raining. But so what, to me, May 1st means we have turned the cold weather corner and are heading into the warm.

This bursting bunch of leaves expresses what I’m talking about a whole lot better than I do.