Wabi Sabi

Old Bowl & Dried Grasses

In keeping with my current emphasis on still images, this one was taken inside a wonderful Moroccan shop in Petaluma, California called “bay-ti”. It consists of nothing but an antique bowl and some dried vegetation. I think their combination is quite beautiful.

The Hand Of Time


Given enough time nature will take back her own. This photograph is of a side wall of the building next door. Because it is somewhat secluded, maintenance people don’t get to see it very often and the result is the vegetation growth and masonry decay are taking their toll, creating a kind of wabi-sabi wall.

Many years or centuries from now, if it’s left alone, what looks like a wall today will be nothing more than a mound of thick vegetation with a tree or two shading the birds and animals that live near by.

It’s a comforting or disquieting thought, depending on one’s point of view.

Wabi-Sabi Flower


For me it’s always a pleasure to discover the wabi-sabi beauty of something. This bloom is obviously dying, yet it is illuminated by a beam of the rising sun in such a way that an almost mystical loveliness shines out. 

Thinking About Wabi–Sabi


There’s a wonderful book out by Leonard Koren that talks about wabi–sabi. Actually it’s been out for quite a while.  You can buy it on Amazon and I heartily recommend it.


The book delves deeply into this quintessential Japanese aesthetic that celebrates the humble, the modest and the imperfect.

I love the idea that simple beauty is all around us. All we have to do is take the time to look closely.