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A Soothing “Postcard” View

This photograph is of the Arlington Street Church’s tower framed by some trees growing just inside Boston’s Public Garden. As images go it’s a perfectly nice juxtaposition of the natural with the urban environment. I like it but it’s nothing special. A “postcard” picture if you will.

However, in this time of Covid-19, it helps take the edge off my jagged emotional state.

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Two Puffs, One Pink, One Blue

I took these photographs within 5 minutes of each other. Nothing really spectacular about either of them but when put together, the colors and the way these guys are facing make a nice combination.

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Antique Shop Reflections

It’s fun to see the melding of inside and outside images that occurs when taking a picture through a window of a cluttered shop like this one.

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Work Break

You don’t get much more tired than this.

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Past History

Sometimes what isn’t there tells a wonderful story.

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Inside Out

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Really Red!

This is a photograph of one thing and one thing only, the color red. While waiting for the light to allow us to cross, this young lady joined the group on the corner. She stood in such way that the strong sun brilliantly lit up her bright red hair. The image has no context, no real story to tell, just her hair. But in this case that’s probably enough.