Always On

Where is the quiet?
Where is the quiet time?

You see it everywhere. People clutching small electronic devices….staring at them, tapping them or talking into them.

I do it, god knows, but I’m becoming increasingly convinced we need to back off a bit from this growing obsession because it’s becoming an addiction. Facebook will still be there in an hour and that flashing light on ones cell phone doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end.  One can take a walk and leave one’s phone behind. And checking ones email at a meal with friends should mean that it’s your treat.

Being always connected is not good for us. Studies are already beginning to confirm this.

Why? Because it chokes off the creative side of our brain by tempting us with a never ending stream of relatively meaningless entertainment.

There is a little quiz on the FAST Company website that asks some probing questions about how a person relates to digital media. 

I took it and didn’t like my score. The next step is doing a somewhat lesser version of what a recovering alcoholic learns to do which is admit we are becoming powerless about how we using social media. 

And then take some corrective action.