April Fools Day In Boston


Yes it’s now April and yes that’s a lot of slushy wet snow coming down. I thought I was going to go for a walk and take a bunch photographs of miserable people trying to stay dry and not fall down, but the truth is I only managed to stay out for less than 15 minutes. Why? Look at this picture. It’s of an almost deserted Beacon Street with one, no doubt, soaked pedestrian crossing it. That shot, in a nutshell, sums up today.

Portrait of Addiction

large- copy.jpg

There’s not much to say about this photograph. It’s a hard image. It’s about destruction and pain and a craving that tears at your soul.

In The Present


Being in the present. Easy to say, so hard to do.

This Old Man


I’ve recently come back from a 6 day stay in the hospital. Things are fine now but while I was lying in bed, I had a lot of time to consider what it means to grow old. 

We’re all going to die of course.That’s a given. But I don’t think we spend the time we’ve got left with nearly enough recognition of how terribly valuable it is. 

It’s so easy to get involved with day-to-day minutia, that precious time gets squandered without a second thought. 

From here on my goal is to live my life with a renewed dedication to recognizing the beauty that surrounds us and to celebrate it with my photography.



Huddled together on rotting pages.

Blurry and smelling of decay.


Observing A Fellow Street Shooter


You know, the more I do this stuff, the less I’m sure that the ton of very expensive photo gear she’s toting is going to make all that much difference in her final image. I hope it does but I doubt it.

The Problem With Philosophy


The problem with philosophy is that it is someone’s intellectual overlay on what he or she perceives to be “truth” when in fact, truth needs no intellectual interpretation at all.

It just is.

(If this sounds Buddhist, you’re right.)

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