A Little Boy And His Big Friend


The Tree On The Top Of The Hill



Black and white photographs of the right things can be SO damn powerful. This tree is an example. In color its shape was certainly arresting but, the green grass in front of it and the blue sky behind tended to diminish its absolutely lovely form. Removing those distractions just made the whole thing pop!

B&W vs Color…A Matter of Choice

large- copy.jpg


The more I take photographs the more I’m drawn to the simple power of black and white. I think B&W removes the crutch that beautiful color can provide and leaves composition and tonality in charge. It pares down an image and often that seems to provide more emotional depth.

A Slow Sweet Song


The time is just after 5 yesterday afternoon. It had been a long day with a lot of driving in heavy city traffic. I was waiting to cross Beacon Street after walking up from the Park Street subway station and was looking forward to getting home and putting my feet up. Just as the light turned I noticed this tree bathed in the soft light of the sinking sun. There was really no time to compose the picture since I was standing in the middle of the intersection. The photo gods smiled on this one.

Sitting Under A Tree

L1000712-Editsmall“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”…………Warren Buffett

Dawn Redwood and Shorter Friends

DSCF9025-Edit-Editsmall.jpgI remember the last time we were in the fabulous botanical garden called Lotusland in Santa Barbara our guide pointed to a Dawn Redwood growing there and said the tree was incredibly rare and was one of only a handful in the US. It turns out that the Boston Public Garden has 2 of them and they have been there for years. 

I doubt the tree is a rare as the California guide said. Either that or Boston Garden is even more botanically diverse than I had imagined. Well done Boston!

The Old Oak Tree

P1010272small.jpgIt has stood there as long as I’ve been alive, much much longer in fact. The oak is so old now that its large horizontal limbs are beginning to crack and heavy wet snow and high winds will soon do real damage. So in 10 or so more years it will probably have to come down.

The endless cycle of birth and death continues and I for one will morn its passing. But it’s comforting to know that somewhere on the edges of this vast lawn are little oak trees just beginning to sprout. 

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