Beyond The Shore


There are always places beyond where we are now and then beyond that until we finally come home and find them here.

Still Trying To Figure It Out


Here’s my problem. My intellect isn’t powerful enough to give me a comfortable place to stand. I’m increasingly sure it takes letting go of those mental tools we are so accustomed to rely on. Reason and logic don’t cut it when it comes to making peace with what it means to be human. The trick, if one can call it that, is to kill my ego and see what’s left. Scary but it needs to be done.

Mostly Water


Aren’t we all?

Standing Between Light And Shadow


Aren’t we all?

Tempus Fugit


One morning, without warning, you see an old person staring back at you in the mirror. It comes as a shock to realize that wrinkled face is yours.

A Misleading Concept


The older I get, the more I’m troubled by our concept of “self”. To me it tends to necessitate the need for an “other”. This puts these concepts in opposition to each other and that’s where all the trouble starts.

Where Did That Come From!?


We’ve all had those times when suddenly out of nowhere comes a thought about something we didn’t even know was bothering us. I think this lady is having one of those moments.

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