Madison Avenue, New York City

Madison Avenue.jpg

I’ve got a confession to make and it’s a little embarrassing, living as I do in a city. New York has too much everything. Too many people, too much noise, too much traffic, too many things to do…too much, too much, too damn much! One could also say it’s got too many picture worthy places.

…but I won’t.

Fire In The Sky


I took this photograph today (February 18th) as a beautiful snarling red sky hung of Boston Garden. I currently don’t take many landscape photographs but it was easy to make this exception.

Setting Sun On The Golden Dome


A lovely evening with the golden dome of our State House perfectly lit by the setting sun.

By the way here’s a fact that might surprise you. Do you know what symbol is on the top of the dome? It’s a pine cone commemorating the importance of the lumber industry in the early 1800s when the dome on the State House was first added.