Late Afternoon Accident


The bird helped a lot.

Fire In The Sky


I took this photograph today (February 18th) as a beautiful snarling red sky hung of Boston Garden. I currently don’t take many landscape photographs but it was easy to make this exception.

Setting Sun On The Golden Dome


A lovely evening with the golden dome of our State House perfectly lit by the setting sun.

By the way here’s a fact that might surprise you. Do you know what symbol is on the top of the dome? It’s a pine cone commemorating the importance of the lumber industry in the early 1800s when the dome on the State House was first added.

The Sunset Snow Tree



I’ve finally been able to start walking around the city again with my trusty Ricoh GR II. I can’t tell you how great it feels to begin to take photographs again. The shades of black and white in this one serves as a rather graphic reminder that we’re in for our biggest snowfall of the season tomorrow.

Freezing Cold…Lovely Light 

It’s been cold as hell today in Beantown but I’m having a wonderful time shooting with my new iPhone 7+. This thing is a powerhouse especially with it’s new 50mm lens.

Evening Shadows


As darkness descends and starts to blot out what was once more easily seen, lighted windows provide keyholes to the interior lives of our backyard neighbors.

A Sky Filled With Gold


I know, I know taking photographs of pretty sunsets get old really fast. But this one last night warranted an exception and inclusion in this blog. The gold of the sky set off against the dark hills across Rockport Harbor was absolutely breathtaking. We had just returned after a long road trip and I was dead tired. But seeing this made me go out without my shoes on a gravel driveway to get this shot. This light didn’t last for more than 5 minutes.

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