7:30 am

We had to go out early this morning, just as the city was starting its daily bustle. Crossing the common, as we passed the merry-go-round, the dog walkers were out in force and Back Bay’s sunlit skyline glistened in the distance. The air was clear and the temperature happily brisk. For a moment, a brief fleeting moment, COVID-19 was forgotten.



Warm fingers reach out 
Tearing their way through jewels 
Of deep blue velvet

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There is magic in this city as the sun begins to rise and the streets still sleep.

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Crescent Moon


On the way to the subway stop this morning we saw the Millennium Tower bathed in pretty early morning light. What I missed  when I took this picture was the tiny crescent moon high in the sky. It makes a nice dab of interest in the upper right corner.

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Yosemite Frosty Morning

DSC00116small.jpgThis is a departure from what I normally post but I just stumbled across this photograph I took a few years ago on a trip to Yosemite National Park. A hard frost still gripped the dried grass and the raking early morning sun made for a symphony of yellow, grey and gold.

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Berkeley Marina Morning

P1090782-Editsmall.jpgThe early sun in Berkeley, California bathes these boats in a warm golden glow. I edited this photograph in the Lightroom plugin Color Effects which on shots like these can bring out lovely tonality. 

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Santa Cruz Morning

DSCF9595small.jpgIt rained like hell last night and outdoors just now it just smells like damp earth. Lovely!

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Boston Sunrise


I live in Boston in a building that’s on Beacon Street near the top of Beacon hill. The building itself is not one of those lovely old remodeled brownstones with wavy old glass and a wrought iron fence. Rather it’s a large, rather unremarkable, brick job that was build from the start as apartments.

While our building may not be terrific to look at, its roof deck is a fine place to look out over the Back Bay area of the city. This morning’s weather forecast called for clear skies and I couldn’t resist going up on the roof to watch the sunrise.

While up there, the dawn was turning the Prudential and John Hancock towers into shining slabs of gridded light and the planes out of Logan Airport carved noisily into the clear morning air.

As I sat there watching, my gazed turned to a bunch of chimneys down the street and there was this big red shouldered hawk checking out Boston Common for breakfast. Amid all this urban landscape, nature’s creatures were still active.

Thank goodness!


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Golden Water Morning

P1080121-Editsmall It’s been lousy weather around here lately. Fog and light drizzle ruled our days. However, yesterday things changed and the low front that has dominated our coastline moved out to sea as cooler/dryer, crystal clear weather moved in.

 That morning as the sun peeked over the pines on the easterly shore of Rockport Harbor the water below our condo turned a brilliant gold, welcoming a drop dead beautiful day.

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Mill Town Morning

P1070758-EditsmallThe milltown that Camden was once is long long gone. However, as long as the smokestack stands, the memory lingers. It’s a shining shard of an era gone by.