The Orange Bag


Of course the sleeping woman is arresting but then again the off center  splash of color is too. Initially I planned to crop the image tighter and just emphasise the figure but changed my mind after looking at it for a while. Off balance?  Yes, but then again….

A Convention of Straight Lines


The title says it all. Maybe one can find more straight lines in a prison but the Alington Street subway stop in Boston is certainly a major contender.   

Claustrophobia Under The Red Line


During the weekdays this is a parking lot but on weekends they lock this space. It’s at these times that the heavy geometry of the scene shows itself. And if you’re the least bit concerned about being in tight spaces, the massive rusted steel girders supporting the subway line overhead will bring on a touch of claustrophobia.

Having a Real Bad Day




It was blowing like hell today in Boston. In fact the wind blew a tree down on the overhead wires that power some of our subway trains. That stopped all cars on the Riverside Line going back into Boston. I was on one of those cars. This lady was too. I like to think I took the delay a little better than she did.

Red and Yellow


Yes it’s a subway station and yes a train is just pulling out of the platform across the way but looking at it more abstractly it’s a series of red verticals juxtaposed with a curving yellow line. No people, no action, just color and lines.

A Study In Contrast


I really like riding the subway with my camera in my lap because occasionally one can take a fine photograph of the person or persons sitting opposite you. This lady was totally glued to whatever she was seeing on her phone while her young son just couldn’t care less.

The Red Line


It’s not the red stuff on the kid. It’s the curve in the tracks that makes this work.

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