Colorful Covid Costume

I’m getting tired of posting doom and gloom monochrome images telling of the difficult times we’re going through, sooo here’s a change of pace. Yes, we are still under a shelter at home order. Yes, we are directed to wear masks when we venture out AND yes, there’s also a curfew in place.

BUT this Beacon Hill matron is doing it with so much style, one can’t help but smile.

Hipster Jogger

large- copy.jpg

These young guys drive me crazy. They’re not only impossibly fit and dressed to the nines, they seem to want to be sure everyone in their vacinity notices how cool they are.

“Stylin” On Newbury Street


Newbury Street is Boston’s Rodeo Drive. Somewhat more eclectic and certainly younger due to all the colleges in our area. It’s style takes on a kind of hip yoga tights, flashy running shoe vibe.

Here you are.