Two Puffs, One Pink, One Blue

I took these photographs within 5 minutes of each other. Nothing really spectacular about either of them but when put together, the colors and the way these guys are facing make a nice combination.

Rainy Day Boston


There is one benefit to being out with a camera in the rain, nobody really notices you. They’re too busy trying to stay dry.

Observing A Fellow Street Shooter


You know, the more I do this stuff, the less I’m sure that the ton of very expensive photo gear she’s toting is going to make all that much difference in her final image. I hope it does but I doubt it.

The Smile Queen


It’s hard to say exactly what this lady is thinking. She seems to be reacting rather negatively to my camera. But the thing of it is, she was chatting happily with a couple of people as I passed by and didn’t seem uptight or angry at all. That’s the thing with street photography in 1/800 of a second you only catch a tiny fleeting glimpse of someone. What you think you see, you probably don’t.

Reading By The Charles

She was sitting by the water. Mostly shaded save the papers on her lap. I stopped quite near to take her picture with my iPhone. She never looked up and I moved on surprised my my luck.

Park Bench Lady

This lady sits on this park bench everyday by herself, always dressed the same no matter what the temperature. She stares off into the middle distance and almost never moves. She declines assistance and doesn’t seem to want to talk.