His World

P1090774small.jpgCan’t resist peeking into other people’s lives.



Phone Conversation


This guy was really letting the person on the other end have it. You could hear him half a block away. Besides his animated gesture take a look at his finger that’s doing the pointing. It is REALLY long.

Really Listening


Who knows what he’s listening to. It hardly matters. It’s the concentration on his face that tells the story.

A side note to this photograph:

It was taken with a Ricoh GR, a tiny powerhouse of a camera that punches way above its weight when used as the weapon of choice for street photography. If you aren’t aware of this little beast, I suggest you read up on it. The GR is a cult camera in Asia. Too bad it’s not better known on this side of the ocean.

Last Night

P1010649-Editsmall.jpgOne can make up any story one likes about this image. I shot this at the end of the platform in a subway station. The pensive young lady with the poster of the bearded man in the background sets the stage for a variety of tales. None of them will be factually accurate of course but their creation could be fun. After all isn’t telling stories what we do?




Street Portrait

P1010930small.jpgThe beauty of a fast focusing camera is that sometimes I can take a very quick shot of someone as I’m walking by. I saw this lady from quite a way off and could tell she had a lot on her mind. Maybe it was nothing more than a stone in her shoe but her pain was palpable. I’m finding the more I carry my camera, the closer I look at my surroundings.

Street Smarts Personified


King Of The Hustling Men

He’ll tell you anything he thinks you want to hear as long as when your conversation is through he has some of your money in his pocket.

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