Portrait In Brown


I took this about 30 feet from the front door of our building. The full frame contains a lot more street and building detail than is in this version. Cropping this man to just include he immediate surroundings reveals a lush tonality that I find very appealing. 

The Smile Queen


It’s hard to say exactly what this lady is thinking. She seems to be reacting rather negatively to my camera. But the thing of it is, she was chatting happily with a couple of people as I passed by and didn’t seem uptight or angry at all. That’s the thing with street photography in 1/800 of a second you only catch a tiny fleeting glimpse of someone. What you think you see, you probably don’t.

Truckers With A Really Pressing Problem


The problem wasn’t me, although to look at the guy in the red you’d think it was. No, what was bothering them was a load of rugs and some heavy furniture dangling from a high crane outside a 3rd floor window of a brownstone building on Beacon Street. The man in grey is yelling at someone across the road to “hurry the hell up” and the big guy in red is actually looking past me at yet another moving van coming down Beacon Hill. 

We were on our way to breakfast when we passed this scene and needless to say getting out of the way of these guys as fast as we could was a priority. It was a fine photo op while it lasted though.

Terrible,Horrible,No Good, Very Bad Day


I really don’t know if she was really having a bad day but this gesture and some grunge in the post processing certainly helped to convey that feeling.

Ritz Hotel 8:10 AM


Bubbles For Her Baby


She had stopped the carriage in the shade of an awning and oblivious to everything she was blowing these magical things for her child. A simple human gesture of love that made you almost want to cry.

Going Uphill


It seems as we get older, the more uphill everything becomes.

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