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I was on my way back from trying to take a decent photograph of a new Blue Bottle coffee bar that had just opened in the financial district here in Boston. The area where it was located had lots of angles and what I thought were good places for a wide angle composition but all the shots I took were pretty lousy. 

Coming back home through the Downtown Crossing area I spotted this guy hanging on to a lamp post. Bingo, everything clicked!

At The Boston Public Library


This is a sardonic age we are living in. Yes this was taken at the BPL, she was leaning against the wall by the front door, and no I shouldn’t have given the photo it’s title. 

6 Dollars Worth Please!


We went to a ball game yesterday. It was hot and humid but still a lot of fun with the extra bonus that for a “photog” like me it was pure people watching heaven. Oh, and the Red Sox won!

Urban Dog Sled


This photograph is why I like the Ricoh GR so much. Walking to the subway this morning, head down, thinking about the trip I was about to take, I had almost no warning of this highly unusual scene approaching at a very fast clip. The Ricoh has a setting for snap shooting where the camera is already programmed to take a picture at a certain focal range. Thanks to that setting, I was able to take the camera out of its pouch and fire off one shot before this skateboard dog sledder dude went hurtling past me.

iPhone Street Shooter


And yes the time is fast approaching, if it isn’t here already, when that little electronic slab in your pocket or purse will be a very very good tool for this kind of photography.