Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


A mural in Davis Square that reminds me of one of my favorite sayings.

Studious Blue Glasses


Cute kid today seen walking down Charles Street.

Arched Eyebrow Man


I took this photo very quickly as I was walking by this man sitting on the bridge overlooking the Boston Garden Lagoon. His wry expression, arched eyebrows and all, is terrific. Hard to tell what he’s thinking but who cares!

Street Sleeping

R0332448-Editsmall.jpgBeing young and alone on the street is easier to do in California than other places. But one never really gets used to seeing it, especially when young girls do it.

His World

P1090774small.jpgCan’t resist peeking into other people’s lives.



Phone Conversation


This guy was really letting the person on the other end have it. You could hear him half a block away. Besides his animated gesture take a look at his finger that’s doing the pointing. It is REALLY long.

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