This Is Hard To Look At


Taking the kind of pictures I often do means sometimes showing the harder side of life. This lady was pretty obviously out of her mind.

I didn’t really notice her until I was very near her. She turned around and started violently screaming at me. I probably should have stopped and tried to figure out if I could help her. 

I didn’t do it. Instead, I took a very quick picture and got out of her way. 

In retrospect, I feel badly about that.



He seems bright and articulate. He’s been on this spot on Cambridge Street in Boston for 20 years. He commutes in from his studio apartment in the town of Malden every day.

“I make my rent this way.”


Rainy Day Couple

large- copy.jpg

This was an easy picture to take. I saw this couple coming toward me from a long way off, happily tucked together under their large umbrella. Since I had plenty of time to set up my camera so all I had to do was wait until they passed me, swing behind them and take the shot. All it took was one.

The Working Photographer


Sometimes taking photographs can be a little awkward. 

Climbing The Wall


Not urban and not a street in sight, however I would contend that this photograph of my cousin climbing a stone wall qualifies as a kind of “street shot”.

We were checking the damage to this wall when he climbed over it to look at the problem from the field side. As he was coming back I had my trusty Ricoh GR at the ready and snapped this as he just crested the top on the return trip.

Boston Public Library


Lost in thought or sad, take your pick. Our brief warm weather makes even short sleeves for a smoke break possible.

Coolidge Corner


I’d like to say the composition of this photograph was completely planned. It wasn’t. I knew the worried woman in the foreground would make a good subject but the train arriving along her right side and the man in red on her left just fell into place as I pushed the shutter. I really do like the final result though planned or not.

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