The Big Oak and The Storm


Nature’s power on display.

I love this old tree. It’s been around way longer than I’ve been on this planet. It sits in the middle of the lawn of my Grandparent’s place. They provided it a lot of space to show off and my goodness it certainly does.

The Hardcore Start To Appear


As the snow began to abate, even before the roads and paths were adequately cleared, the dedicated fitness buffs start their daily workout. As I took this photograph I was worried that water drops on the lens would blur the image too much, but I got away with this one.

Just When You Get Your Hopes Up


Mean old winter comes back again!

OMG!! A Tree In The Snow 

Enough said.

Snowy Morning

FINALLY! Snow was falling this morning. 

Not hard but steady. 

This is really our first storm of the winter. 

The park is virtually deserted. 

That guy and his dog are the exceptions.

Rethinking My Walk


Not hard to see why,,,right?

Snow (But Not Much)



Here in Boston we were lucky to escape the brunt of the recent major snowstorm that pummeled the mid-atlantic states. Last night in fact it was quite lovely outside with blowing light snow that amounted to not much more than an inch when all was said and done.

Above are a couple of snow scenes from our window.

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