Morning Break (Possibly From Thinking)



These photographs were taken about 5 minutes apart this morning as I was on my way to get groceries. I’m struck by how deep in thought both these women seem to be. Yet how can one be sure? Sometimes we just turn off our minds for a moment and enjoy the stillness within. 

Meditation helps. It’s worth practicing.



Lake Zafu

P1080340-EditsmallI try to take some time out of each day to just sit down and be still. It sounds simple but it’s not. Our minds are always hopping around, judging, comparing, remembering and planning.

Real peace and happiness comes from finding that place where our ego gets out of the way so we can sit quietly and just be. 

Daybreak In The Marsh


We like to go birding early. Just as the sun is climbing over the horizon. The marsh we often visit is alive with the twitter and squawk of hundreds of birds and the sun casts its gold light on still water.