A tomato slice, that’s all.

Or is it?



Huddled together on rotting pages.

Blurry and smelling of decay.


Equinox Still Life


The huge advantage of the Ricoh GR camera is that I can carry it in a little holster on my belt. Doing this regularly makes it just a part of clothing instead of a separate object that I constantly have to worry about. 

Walking out of the gym this morning there was this spoon resting in a tarnished steel tray. The form of the curvilinear spoon and the undulating blues and greys of the tray to my eye make a particularly nice duo.

Bat With Mostly Blue Bucket Background


Saw this tableau today in a place called Elmer’s Barn on my way back from Augusta. Elmer runs what can best be described as a high-end junk shop. However his choice of things to show is wonderfully eclectic and every now and then one runs across something pretty good. It’s especially worth stopping by if you happen to be a photographer because of vignettes like these.

Turpentine Memories


Memory is elusive. I think we dwell in the past entirely too much.

I took this photograph originally thinking it would make a nice conventional still life, nothing more. However as I cropped its edges and toned down its color it took on this hazy look that I like and became more meditative.

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