Lobbying For More Sick Children

Since we live near the Massachusetts State House, we often hear noisy demonstrations in favor or against one thing or another. Today there was a group of anti-vaccination people lobbying for their god given right to allow their children to get sick from and pass on diseases like polio, anthrax, chicken pox, measles and presumably pretty soon, Covid-19.

Setting Sun On The Golden Dome


A lovely evening with the golden dome of our State House perfectly lit by the setting sun.

By the way here’s a fact that might surprise you. Do you know what symbol is on the top of the dome? It’s a pine cone commemorating the importance of the lumber industry in the early 1800s when the dome on the State House was first added.

The Building Next Door


It was rainy yesterday and not really conducive for a lot of walking. I had an errand to do at a nearby grocery store and on my way back up Beacon Hill I happened to stop beneath a tree with a big overhanging branch. Holding my camera over my head, I was able to frame our State House within the arc of the branch. Not what I would call a once in a lifetime image but the gold of the dome against the gloom of its surroundings made for a nice juxtaposition.

Whatever You Say Sir


Walking to supper last night we passed a peaceful but pretty big NRA sponsored protest against some sort of proposed gun control measure up for consideration at the State House. There were a few bored cops around and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this guy who was ┬árelaxing against a wall, reading stuff on his cellphone. The look that you see would lead you to believe he was annoyed by my action but as we walked by he said, “My other side is my good side.” He said it with a grin.

The title fits the look though.