Climbing The Wall


Not urban and not a street in sight, however I would contend that this photograph of my cousin climbing a stone wall qualifies as a kind of “street shot”.

We were checking the damage to this wall when he climbed over it to look at the problem from the field side. As he was coming back I had my trusty Ricoh GR at the ready and snapped this as he just crested the top on the return trip.

April Fools Day In Boston


Yes it’s now April and yes that’s a lot of slushy wet snow coming down. I thought I was going to go for a walk and take a bunch photographs of miserable people trying to stay dry and not fall down, but the truth is I only managed to stay out for less than 15 minutes. Why? Look at this picture. It’s of an almost deserted Beacon Street with one, no doubt, soaked pedestrian crossing it. That shot, in a nutshell, sums up today.

The Hardcore Start To Appear


As the snow began to abate, even before the roads and paths were adequately cleared, the dedicated fitness buffs start their daily workout. As I took this photograph I was worried that water drops on the lens would blur the image too much, but I got away with this one.

Winter (Finally)


For most of this winter here in Boston it’s been very mild with little or no snow. Well, yesterday this all changed and we now have an honest to goodness winter scene outside. We’ve had it soft so far but today the temperature feels like zero and the sidewalk bricks of Beacon Hill are icey. Being careful are the watchwords for today.

The Sunset Snow Tree



I’ve finally been able to start walking around the city again with my trusty Ricoh GR II. I can’t tell you how great it feels to begin to take photographs again. The shades of black and white in this one serves as a rather graphic reminder that we’re in for our biggest snowfall of the season tomorrow.

Boston’s Winter Memorial


To say this place had a lousy winter would be an understatement. However, today the temperature is in the low 60s and people are feeling positively giddy about the fine weather. This guy was laughing as he took a picture of this quickly melting pile of last season’s misery. “Great reminder..” he said, “Glad it’s finally over.”

Amen to that.