Copley Place Sleeper

It’s not unusual to see street people sleeping in unusual places. However, this girl is pretty obviously not a member of that clan. Why she has chosen to nap on a too short granite block in the middle of a very active shopping area is beyond me. That said, she makes the anchor for a pretty good triangular image composition.

World Food Supply Threatened

A US Consumer?

According to a recent UN study: it won’t be too long before our planet won’t be able to produce enough food to feed the world’s population. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out this guy will be in serious trouble. Of course even without the predicted shortage, he’s in trouble now.

Sunny Sunday Snooze


It was hot today as I walked around downtown Boston looking for something to photograph. This guy was out like a light in the Government Center area. Why he chose that particular spot is beyond me. It’s nothing but bricks and concrete. The only thing it had going for it was that the plaza was practically deserted. 

Creativity Break


I can’t really tell what this lady was doing before she nodded off, but I like to think she was engaged in outlining her next best selling novel. Then again, it could just have been making a grocery list. Either way, her posture and the placement of those papers in her lap made her a good subject.

Sleeping It Off In “Pot Alley”


Going down to the Park Street subway station from where we live, there is a path through the Boston Common where the pot pushers like to ply their trade. In the good weather their satisfied customers are sometimes known nod off into their own cannabis dreamland. It seems to be happening almost daily now.

This crimson clad dandy is a good example.

Sweet Imagination

DSCF0025small.jpgThis man, while clearly not a down and outer (yet?), was sleeping peacefully on the steps of the Boston Public Library and from what I could tell, his dreams were pleasant. However at the time I took this photograph it was starting to rain , so his pleasant slumber wasn’t due to last much longer.