Frog Pond At Its Best


One of true joys of living where we do is our proximity to Boston’s legendary Frog Pond. In the beginning of the city’s history it was exactly that. A little pond where cattle that grazed on Boston Common could drink. Now it’s used as a wading pool in the summer and a skating rink in the winter. It’s a huge community asset.

Last evening I took a short walk there just before dinner. It was a scene right out of a Currier and Ives print.


The Frog Pond Rink Reopens



After yesterday’s big snow storm it took the city a little while to dig itself out. But by this afternoon things in Boston were back to almost normal. This happy group of skaters were glad to get back on the ice.

The Skating Lesson


As you might guess, the Frog Pond ice rink is a hive of activity on Saturday. I went down there for a few minutes to see what might catch my eye. This little girl was taking a skating lesson and having a terrible time just standing up. But she kept at it and at it and at it. Every time she fell down her nice instructor was right there to help her up.

And you know what? The kid was loving every minute.

I think there’s a lesson here for all of us.

Love on Ice

P1020812-Editsmall.jpgThe Frog Pond skating rink just below where we live is alive with happy people. Some can skate very well. Some can hardly skate at all. For this couple, I’m not really sure whether skating came into the equation much at all.

Kids On Ice


On Saturday the Frog Pond ice rink is jammed with a huge crowd of skaters. Old, young, skilled and novice. Everybody is having a good time. What I love to watch most is the little kids on the ice with their parents trying to learn how its done. There is plenty of joy and concentration plus the always present helping hand.