There is of course no way of knowing this man’s life story. However, his expression, his long white beard, the kids run running in back of him and the Massachusetts State House in back of them provide plenty of material to make up a good one.

Bobby’s Birthday Wish

He’s sitting at his usual spot but, today is different. He has a goal of 20 dollars because he wants to go to a street festival near city hall. He tells us it’s his birthday.

Just Sitting

Meditation quiets our “monkey” minds. My hope is that more people discover this lovely, powerful technique.

Nap Break


The front steps of a lot of houses in this area are great hunting grounds for an old guy with a small inconspicuous camera.

Goodbye Old Friend


I initially was attracted by the harsh side lighting illuminating the guy sitting on the bench. However as I got closer and started takingĀ  pictures, the other figure walking away was also caught in my composition. As luck would have it, their blue clothes seemed to tie the two together and so not only did I not crop out the receding figure, it become an integral part of this composition.