Early Morning Sermon

We had gone to Roche Brothers in Downtown Crossing for some early morning grocery shopping. Not having had breakfast, we bought a snack in their fast food area and sat down outside to eat it, when out of the blue came a roving street preacher. He didn’t stay long but his decibel level left a very strong impression.

Old Boston Goes Sunday Shopping

Dressed in floor length black, wearing a sensible hat and shoes, topped off by a long chain necklace, small cross and rings on both hands, this lady has walked down from Beacon Hill to shop for a bargain at a Boston retail institution.

(It was ever thus.)

The Galloping Holiday Season

P1010385small.jpgWith Thanksgiving over and Black Friday shopping mania gripping this weekend, one begins to see the twinkle of pretty Christmas lights along Commonwealth Avenue. Soon Boston will be ablaze with all sorts of holiday decorative efforts.

One can only hope that somewhere in the midst of a, all too often, money driven cacaphony, the spirit of love and tolerance is being born again.