Proctor’s Ocean Classroom Sets Sail

Proctor Academy has a wonderful program where they take approximately 20 kids aboard the schooner Roseway for a 9 week voyage. It’s a hell of a learning experience!

I’m envious.

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Arctic Beach Vanishing Point and Ice Pack Triumph


My wife Sarah’s brother Sam and her son Peter sailed to the arctic this year in an attempt to get through the Northwest Passage. They got stopped by ice and bad weather but during the time they spent in the far north the crew took some amazing photographs. This one was snapped by fellow voyage member Dave Johanson. It shows a classic vanishing point created by different long straight lines of dark colored stones.

The one below was also taken by Dave. It’s of Sam and Pete after their boat has just successfully pushed its way through the ice pack in back of them.


Hell of a cold way to spend the summer!