Nearby Worry

This photograph is of a runner who has briefly paused her workout to stretch. She’s looking back the way she came as if someone or something is following her. I find the image to be an easy illustration of what we all currently feel about the virus. Things will of course eventually get better but, for now, the fear persists.

Getting Very Wet

It’s not quite time to turn on the Frog Pond fountain in Boston Common but it should happen in a few more weeks. Since I just ordered a print of this photograph from WhiteWall I thought I might rush the season a bit and show it here.

Speaking of WhiteWall, if you don’t know about this company you should. It operates out of Germany and specializes in, among other things, borderless prints under acrylic. They do an absolutely fantastic job and the cost is really not that bad. Check them out. You’ll be glad that you did.


P1010582-Editsmall.jpgWalking down Newbury Street yesterday I saw 2 young boys, most likely brothers, break away from their adult caretakers and go careening down the sidewalk at breakneck speed. I missed my chance to photograph the first kid and barely was able to catch the second as he went zooming by. What I like about this picture is the pure unfettered joy of a young child just running as fast as he can with not a care in the world.