Hot Day In The City


Starbucks is doing a hell of a business!

A Modern Day Disconnect


Everywhere one goes ads bombard us with promises of beauty, youth, fitness and yes, even enlightenment. The truth is they are lying. This tired elderly lady sitting under the sign for a fitness class speaks to this reality much better than I.

Back Using The Ricoh GR For Street Shooting

Damn this little camera is FINE! It’s tiny with a dead simple black, almost scruffy, exterior. I can carry it cradled in the palm of my hand so it’s almost invisible. It has an ASPC 16 meg sensor and the ability to focus like a cobra’s strike. I have “better” cameras but this gets the job done better. I don’t mean, by any means, that this camera is something that you run out and buy one but, for those of us walking around city streets, it’s terrific.





Pizza Ecstasy

Standing Between Light And Shadow


Aren’t we all?

Stage Set Rain Storm


Today was one of those days when the soaking rain was predicted to never stop. On my way back from the gym, carrying my little Ricoh GR in my pocket to keep it from getting wet, I spied, striding towards me, this big lady dressed rather sparingly on the top, carrying a little pink umbrella. In spite of the very wet weather, taking her photograph quickly became a priority. It turned out that risking a wet camera was worth the effort because the puddles she was walking through and the empty cloud shrouded vista in back of her gave the whole scene a rather nice painterly feeling.

The Waiting Room


It’s hard not to notice that people in public or semi-public spaces never interact with each other any more. Everyone is on a digital device of some sort. Even the guy not currently on his cell phone, is clutching it at the ready as he watches some daytime drivel on the wall mounted TV set.

Portrait of 2017


I know that starting the new year off this gloomy isn’t a great idea but, as I was walking across the Boston Common today, I took this close-up photo of a figure swathed in dark fur, peering out gloomily at the world. While trying to think of a title for this image the scarey uncertainty of next year presented itself and it seemed appropriate.

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