Street Portrait…Bleached Blond




I have a favorite flight of stairs in the center of the old section of Petaluma where, if I’m lucky, I can catch some good expressions of people that by necessity have to pass quite close to me. This is an example of what can happen.




Thinking about different ways to express it. Seems that looking at the edges of it works best.

Over There!


I caught this guy gesturing this way in an antique store this morning. The photo is cropped, I admit, but I thought the gesture was well worth isolating. There is a school of thought that says one shouldn’t crop or modify images. I don’t believe that. If photography is an art form, let it breathe!

PS I also converted it to black and white from color.

Mocha Break


Attention, reflection and calm are all reflected in this lady’s face. Once again my little Ricoh GR camera captures a personal moment in someone’s life. Over and over you’ll here street photographers say that the camera doesn’t matter in their work. I beg to differ. The Ricoh is small, unobtrusive and very very capable. It helps me a LOT.

Rainy Day Couple

large- copy.jpg

This was an easy picture to take. I saw this couple coming toward me from a long way off, happily tucked together under their large umbrella. Since I had plenty of time to set up my camera so all I had to do was wait until they passed me, swing behind them and take the shot. All it took was one.

Climbing The Wall


Not urban and not a street in sight, however I would contend that this photograph of my cousin climbing a stone wall qualifies as a kind of “street shot”.

We were checking the damage to this wall when he climbed over it to look at the problem from the field side. As he was coming back I had my trusty Ricoh GR at the ready and snapped this as he just crested the top on the return trip.

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