6 Dollars Worth Please!


We went to a ball game yesterday. It was hot and humid but still a lot of fun with the extra bonus that for a “photog” like me it was pure people watching heaven. Oh, and the Red Sox won!

68 Degrees


Shuffling slowly

Not really going anywhere

Dressed too warmly

In a river of unseeing people

Urban Dog Sled


This photograph is why I like the Ricoh GR so much. Walking to the subway this morning, head down, thinking about the trip I was about to take, I had almost no warning of this highly unusual scene approaching at a very fast clip. The Ricoh has a setting for snap shooting where the camera is already programmed to take a picture at a certain focal range. Thanks to that setting, I was able to take the camera out of its pouch and fire off one shot before this skateboard dog sledder dude went hurtling past me.

Your Order’s Ready


Bakery Shop Dude

No Loosing Her In A Crowd


It’s the hair! End of story.

The Offloading


Walking home up Boston Common after buying the Sunday paper (see the previous post) I came across these guys offloading a truck. There was a lot of discussion about what stuff went and what stayed and with a little judicious cropping I was able to bring their hands into the picture as a focal element. 

By the way the elapsed time between the earlier tourist picture and this one was less than 15 minutes. (The fickle gods of street shooting  smile occasionally.)

Let Me In


His mother nicely told him that the problem was he didn’t live there.

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