Seaside Storage Shed


This shed is near a dock that, in another life, I used to frequent a lot because I most always had a little boat that was moored nearby. My life is urban now, but I confess to feeling a twinge of nostalgia when I saw this red mooring float yesterday. 

Red String Abstract


I’m lucky to have been given a piece of red string that has been blessed by the Dalai Lama. I took it out today and photographed it against a blue vase. Don’t ask me why. Probably the red against the blue color contrast.

Burning Flower

P1080237-EditsmallWhile trying to damp down the overpowering red of this blossom, I over manipulated the curves in Lightroom. I sort of liked this mistake so I kept it. (I’ll pretend I meant to do this. Don’t tell anybody.)


R0330334smallThis is really not about the saki bottles. It’s about the color red.

Red 9 Storm


The Devil’s Carousel


The Red Lantern


The Red Lantern

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