Red Water Bottle Abstract


Such simple things…a water bottle, a Danish antique platter and a plain wooden table. Portraying simple things well means not over thinking stuff. Something I tend to do all the time.



Occasionally in the street shooting biz you take a picture of a person who looks like they’re able and perfectly willing to take you head off. It really wasn’t the case with this lady as we almost bumped into each other as we were rounding the same corner and it was a surprise encounter. I’m not even sure she noticed my little camera, nevertheless I’m glad each of us kept on moving.



For me it’s that one strand of hair in front of her nose that makes this image.

The After Party, A Red Meditation


A party dress on a simple chrome hanger isn’t much but my goodness what a color!

Seaside Storage Shed


This shed is near a dock that, in another life, I used to frequent a lot because I most always had a little boat that was moored nearby. My life is urban now, but I confess to feeling a twinge of nostalgia when I saw this red mooring float yesterday. 

Red String Abstract


I’m lucky to have been given a piece of red string that has been blessed by the Dalai Lama. I took it out today and photographed it against a blue vase. Don’t ask me why. Probably the red against the blue color contrast.

Burning Flower

P1080237-EditsmallWhile trying to damp down the overpowering red of this blossom, I over manipulated the curves in Lightroom. I sort of liked this mistake so I kept it. (I’ll pretend I meant to do this. Don’t tell anybody.)

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