At Boston’s Antiquarian Book Fair

Being dyslexic I don’t read that many books. I tend to be more an image person. My wife, on the other hand, devours books and loves to go to book stores and other gatherings of the printed word-world. I’m glad to tag along on the journeys as they tend to produce good opportunities for candid photographs. The pictures below are of Boston’s annual Antiquarian Book Fair. It was a gathering of some pretty rare items, both printed and human.

Dawn Redwood and Shorter Friends

DSCF9025-Edit-Editsmall.jpgI remember the last time we were in the fabulous botanical garden called Lotusland in Santa Barbara our guide pointed to a Dawn Redwood growing there and said the tree was incredibly rare and was one of only a handful in the US. It turns out that the Boston Public Garden has 2 of them and they have been there for years. 

I doubt the tree is a rare as the California guide said. Either that or Boston Garden is even more botanically diverse than I had imagined. Well done Boston!