Through The Noodle Shop Window


Walking a city’s streets I often can catch fleeting glimpses of vivid interpersonal drama. This is one of those.

There is a ramen noodle shop on Hereford Street in Boston’s Back Bay. It’s a small place with a big window looking directly onto the street. The sun brightly illuminated this couple having an intense conversation. I took 3 or 4 pictures of them as I slowly walked by. This one was the best with its old fashioned scratchy black a white look.

Thinking of My Technique


One of the biggest allies of a street photographer is stealth. At least that’s the way I approach it. I’m not an in-your-face and I don’t give a damn kind of shooter. I like blending in with the background, or maybe being a wisp of smoke in the distance.

Mr. Frog Pond In The Mirror


I couldn’t resist taking this. It’s hard to categorize. A selfie? Maybe A portrait? Not really. Just a reflection in a mirror of a retail store with a nod to Vivian Maier. 

(Just between you and I, it’s the red fire extinguisher that makes this composition work.)

You Want A Punch In The Nose?



Like so many things we see on the web today this photo isn’t what it looks like. This guy is a street person who was panhandling on Boylston Street this morning. I gave him some change and asked him to look fierce. Which he most certainly did.

I think those dark rings around his eyes is makeup. To what end I have no idea but it certainly helps his “fierce” look.