Street Smarts Personified


King Of The Hustling Men

He’ll tell you anything he thinks you want to hear as long as when your conversation is through he has some of your money in his pocket.

The Tambourine Lady Belts One Out..Plus A Drone?!


Sunday afternoons in Boston Garden all sorts of things go on right next to each other. Today was no exception. This lady, as she was going by the One Man Band Guy, grabs one of his tambourines and helps him bang out a chorus or two while a hundred yards further on a couple of guys are flying a drone taking aerial photographs. 

Go Figure!


Paternalistic Family Portrait

P1080099-Edit-EditsmallIf you come from one of those families you’ll know what I mean.

Two Completely Opposite Portraits

The first is of Joe the doorman. Nice guy, ex-marine, VERY talkative, with a head as smooth as a billiard ball. I shot Joe in black and white, standing close to the entry door wall, staring straight ahead. It really is a still life more than a portrait as his head really tells you nothing about the man. I just liked the texture of his skin against the marble slabs of the wall.


The next is of a pretty little Argentinian girl who sells lemonade in the park down the hill from us. She is a student in her home country and comes to the US every year to practice her english and soak up some of our summer while it is winter below the equator. 

In this shot you see her face and get a clear idea of what she is doing. As they say in the trade it is an “environmental portrait”.

In each case the camera I used was a little powerful Ricoh GR that I carry in a belt holster. It has a 28 millimeter lens that a lot of people say isn’t suitable for portrait work.

It worked fine for me.


Portrait Of A Boy And His Chicken


I don’t usually post portraits in the conventional way and this isn’t really one either but I want to bring your attention to a group of photo editing tools that I just got from This suite of tools can be used as plug ins to Lightroom and they seem very powerful and quite easy to use. In fact for me, who cringes at the complexity of Photoshop, they are very helpful.

Portrait of Me at Starbucks

My wife took this picture of my hat in a comfy chair at our local Starbucks. I think it is an elegant portrait perfectly conveying my feeling of relaxation as we settled in for a short coffee break.


The Face Painter

R0300938small We went to the farmer’s market today. It’s a somewhat unusual one in that there are quite a few stands that sell foods that have been cooked or processed in some other way, like paella, sweet rolls, hummus and guacamole. In addition there was a guy hawking his expertise as an investment advisor as well as a professional face painter lady doing her thing.

 I say the face painter was professional because she seemed to take her job and herself very seriously. No finger paint daubing here. She had a big array of brushes and cosmetics which she applied with the utmost concentration. I came up and put my camera quite close to her as she was working and she never batted an eye or looked up once.

If the job she had done on herself was anything like the one she was doing on her little client, the kid would walk away a very satisfied customer.


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