Street Guy


He may be the nicest man in the world but I’m not sure I’d bet on it.

Your Order’s Ready


Bakery Shop Dude

Puff Ball Portrait


I don’t usually take portraits of mushrooms but, this one was too good to miss.

Magic Mist #1


Sarah and I took an early morning walk today. We hoped that the time of day would make the bird viewing easier. It did just that, but for me there was another huge benefit. The morning fog hadn’t burned off yet and the landscape was shrouded in a light haze, turning familiar scenes into misty magic.

What’s Next?


It’s a great age isn’t it? Here’s hoping there’s a world left for him to enjoy.



I have a favorite flight of stairs in the center of the old section of Petaluma where, if I’m lucky, I can catch some good expressions of people that by necessity have to pass quite close to me. This is an example of what can happen.



Being lonely hurts.

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