Rainy Day Alley In Thirds (Lucky Shot)


The strong verticals in this photograph neatly divide it in thirds. To be honest about it, I didn’t see this when I took the picture. It was the figure in the foreground that mattered, 

Spring In The Hills


We’re in Petaluma, California right now and It’s spring out here and the cherry trees are in bloom. Here’s an example.

The Reader


Talk about pushing the vertical format. The scale of this little figure hunched against the side of this big building made this composition for me. This image was taken across the street with a telephoto lens inside my car making it easy to compose it without disturbing the subject. He never looked up once.

Late Afternoon Accident


The bird helped a lot.

Taken On The Bird Walk Today


It’s too bad this egret’s head is obscured by the bush but none the less its wings are great. The bird didn’t really want to take off and did so only at the last second, so I was able to get a pretty good closeup of it. I think showing it in black and white emphasizes the wings nicely.

California Dreaming


I’m in Petaluma, California currently. It’s a small city that is surrounded by lovely agricultural land. The food here is to die for. Above the town is a high hill called Helen Putnam State Park,  a wonderful area with many hiking trails and breathtaking beauty. Here’s a view. 

My old legs get quite a workout here but the scenery makes it all worthwhile.

Tea Room Cafe



I’m really not too sure of this one. I like the woman’s pose a lot. It’s the other elements that I’m unsure of. There’s a bunch of squares and rectangles above her in the background. I’m thinking if it was just her and the table things would be better. If I knew how to use photoshop I’d take some of that background noise out.

Speaking of photoshop, does anyone out there know a good online tutorial for using it? 

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