Actually I was a little late taking this photograph. About 5 seconds before this the young man was hugging his dog in a loving embrace. Nevertheless the warm relationship between human and pet is still hard to miss.

Introducing Dennis

IMAGE_B201BE3A-C76B-4FC1-8ABF-36A6F7F95FB3 by John S. Ames
I apologize for posting this cat picture. They are all over the web. I complete realize that most people do not think that photographs of other peoples cats are really uplifting or for that matter even very interesting. 
However, as we start getting to know each other, you should be aware that my wife Sarah and I live with an adopted cat named Dennis. Sarah got him from the local animal shelter 3 years ago tomorrow and surprised me with him. Now, I consider myself a dog person. Never thought much about cats one way or the other. However, I must say our time with this quiet gentle animal has been an awakening. I like him a lot and I guess from time to time you will probably be seeing more of him. For now you should know that this winter has made him a house cat extraordinaire.
He no more wants to go outside than I do.