Different Strokes For Different Folks

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I’m always amazed by the apparent personality differences one sees on city sidewalks. These people were very near each other on Charles Street this afternoon. As much as it may seem that they were aware of me and my camera. Neither actually were.

The Mystery Behind Peoples Eyes

On The Subway

Taking portraits of strangers makes me nervous. On the streets I like to take my photographs without being noticed. Someday I hope to get over that reluctance to engage people because the human face is endlessly fascinating.

At The Ice Skating Show

Resignation Outside A Hospital


I guess it’s because I’m an old guy that these images move me. This man was sitting yesterday on the edge of a wall outside the Tufts Medical Center. I think he looked resigned. A strange word resigned,¬†but the older you get the more you have to deal with constant aches and pains and an overall reduction in strength. You sit more, you hurt more and in order to live with all this, one become resigned to feeling that way.

Getting back to the technical aspects of this image for a second. The raking light on his face gave him a lovely, almost old world, look. I think Rembrandt might have liked this face.

Levi Guy At The Subway Stop


His tight jeans and my low camera angle (I was sitting on a bench.) made this a worthwhile shot. It didn’t hurt either that I cropped it to a 16 x 9 format. Here again having my GR in its belt holster made taking this quick photograph possible.

Hose Man


On our way to buy groceries this morning we walked through the edge of Chinatown and here was this guy cleaning off the sidewalk with water. It was a pretty normal event of course but the light coming from the fluorescent bulb balanced the diagonal of the water stream very nicely and made for a nice photo.

I must say shooting with my little Ricoh GR in the city is a lot of fun. It’s so unobtrusive nobody pays any attention to it but my oh my that little camera packs a punch.