The Long Dark Corridor


The saying “old age is not for sissies” struck me as being appropriate for this image. This gentleman was walking very slowly and deliberately down this empty corridor. He struck me as resigned to his condition and particularly  brave about it.

The Generation Gap


Took these photographs within 100 feet of each other on Charles Street today. I couldn’t resist developing each in a 16 X 9 format to bring out their contrast.


Extra Beauty

large- copy.jpg

Our culture is obsessed with beauty. That’s pretty much a given. What I’m unsure about is who defines what beauty is and what purpose does it serve? This picture asks those questions.

The Old Oak Tree

P1010272small.jpgIt has stood there as long as I’ve been alive, much much longer in fact. The oak is so old now that its large horizontal limbs are beginning to crack and heavy wet snow and high winds will soon do real damage. So in 10 or so more years it will probably have to come down.

The endless cycle of birth and death continues and I for one will morn its passing. But it’s comforting to know that somewhere on the edges of this vast lawn are little oak trees just beginning to sprout.