The Vastness Of It All


Point Reyes, California

In The Present


Being in the present. Easy to say, so hard to do.

The First Time I Saw Ahab

R0332557-Editsmall.jpgThere’s something about the ocean that drags you beyond yourself.

A Chair By The Sea

P1070242smallBetter Than Sitting In Church

Sunrise Over Penobscot Bay


This photo was taken around 4:30AM 2 days ago. It underscores the need of yours truly to drag his sleepy butt out of the sack if he wants to get some REALLY GOOD light.

Paint Wood and Rust


We were down by Boston Harbor today. A humongous Norwegian cruise ship was tied up at a pier near we had parked. It was an overwhelming site but somehow I couldn’t frame the bloated passenger liner properly. Just as I was about to leave I spied this yellow bollard near a rust spot on the ship’s hull. Framed against it with the grey wooden barrier as a neighbor, to me, this massive iron post conveys the rigors of the ocean quite well.

Touching The Magic

It's The Atlantic Ocean Dear


There is something about the ocean. Its mysterious enormity maybe.

Whatever it is, in the summer here in Maine we often see tourists going to the water’s edge and just staring intently at the waves as pulse back and forth across sand and pebbles. We who live here takeĀ for grantedĀ this vast liquid world at our doorstep but we also should not forget to touch the magic.

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