Monochrome Clouds


Yes I know this could almost be a monochrome watercolor. It isn’t though, it’s just a standard photographic image processed in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. What makes it look this way is the fact that it was a misty day and when I used the dehaze slider in Lightroom everything softened out. That, coupled with a little more tweaking with the Nik plugin gave the soft yet contrasty image you see here.

A Lonely Day

R0332190-Editsmall.jpgI went for a walk on the beach yesterday. It was spitting rain and there were very few people around. Someone has stuck this big branch into the sand making it look for all the world like a dead tree. I manipulated the original image to distress it and give it a sort of old fashion wet plate feel. I think this lonely mood fits.

Symphony In Grey

P1100040-EditsmallIt’s foggy and rainy today. The light is flat and you’d think it would be a tough time to get a good picture outdoors. 

As the above demonstrates, it isn’t. This is a time when the Nik Silver Effects plugin really struts its stuff.

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