Super Girl


A perfectly straight forward shot of a young lady stretching after a workout. Talk about good conditioning. She positively glows with health!

Glitzy Marketing Asian Style


Here in Boston Uniqlo, a big Japenese clothing chain, just opened a flash store on Newbury Street, one of our city’s most popular retail destinations. The glitz was blinding. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this kind of stuff but this happy kid yelling over a loudspeaker in front of a blinding red staircase, gives an idea of what was going on.

“Stylin” On Newbury Street


Newbury Street is Boston’s Rodeo Drive. Somewhat more eclectic and certainly younger due to all the colleges in our area. It’s style takes on a kind of hip yoga tights, flashy running shoe vibe.

Here you are.

Where’s Mummy!

L1000483-Edit-2small.jpgThis worried Weimaraner was woofing pitifully hopping his double-parking owner would get back soon from shopping on Newbury Street.

Urban Wall

P1010479small.jpgSo often things that we pass by daily would talke on an entirely different aspect if we just stopped for a while and looked at them…hard.

Analog Aardvarks

Telephones in Winter

Remember them? These yellow beauties were on Newbury Street in Boston until a few years ago. They got bushwhacked by cell phones and now there is an empty cut-out space in the brick wall where they used to live.

I don’t really miss these corded analog aardvarks. After all an iPhone is certainly more convenient and easy to use. But a pay telephone made the act of verbal communication a little slower and thus more considered and, needless to say, gave time for (hopefully) fully engaging one’s brain before putting one’s mouth in gear.

Always a fine idea.