Gardening In Covid-19 Time

The fun fact about this photograph is that it was not taken in some rural or suburban location. I took it in the second block of Newbury Street, Boston’s premium “gold coast” shopping area. Think of it as a yankee’s Rodeo Drive.

For an instant you can forget Covid-19 and feel the warm soil getting under your fingernails reminding you that you’re still a sentient being living on a miraculous blue planet.

Glitzy Marketing Asian Style


Here in Boston Uniqlo, a big Japenese clothing chain, just opened a flash store on Newbury Street, one of our city’s most popular retail destinations. The glitz was blinding. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this kind of stuff but this happy kid yelling over a loudspeaker in front of a blinding red staircase, gives an idea of what was going on.

Analog Aardvarks

Telephones in Winter

Remember them? These yellow beauties were on Newbury Street in Boston until a few years ago. They got bushwhacked by cell phones and now there is an empty cut-out space in the brick wall where they used to live.

I don’t really miss these corded analog aardvarks. After all an iPhone is certainly more convenient and easy to use. But a pay telephone made the act of verbal communication a little slower and thus more considered and, needless to say, gave time for (hopefully) fully engaging one’s brain before putting one’s mouth in gear.

Always a fine idea.