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Starbucks’ Sunday Morning Ambivalence


Living in Boston as we do, Starbucks coffee shops are everywhere. This one is just down the hill from us and I go there every Sunday morning to pick up the Boston Globe and the New York Times. Even as late as 8:30 or 9:00 a lot of the regulars still haven’t shown up. Today I had the good fortune of taking a photograph of this guy who seemed either to be reading the paper of nursing a gigantic hangover.

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The Sunday Times & Bill Cunningham


Hard to beat this journalistic institution, even with the terrible state of national and world affairs it is currently writing about. As an example of some of the more upbeat things to read today, take a look in the Sunday Style and Fashion section at the outpouring of tributes to the legendary photographer Bill Cunningham who died this week. The man lived like a monk, didn’t care much about money and was totally dedicated to his art. Would that there were more like him.

Take a look here Bill Cunningham. I think you’ll enjoy the articles and while you’re at it if you get the paper in print look at the paid tributes as well. People certainly loved the man.