All For The Love Of Nature

P1000983smallWe went on our usual birdwalk late this morning and came across, as we do everyday, some lovely feathered creatures. But, today my favorite photograph has nothing to do with the birds we saw. It’s about an older person loving the mystery and beauty of the outdoors so much that she volunteers her time and energy to try to pass on her enthusiasm for what she has learned and loves to a new generation.

We listen for a while as she talked to the kids about Grebes and Purple Gallinules and patiently answered their many questions.

Old and young alike were deeply engaged in a mutual delight for nature and it was marvelous to see.

6:45 pm


It’s hard to overstate the power of the sun here. It seems that all life ebbs and flows in its rays. As it set last night you could here the “night shift” warming up. The cicada chorus thrummed their last scratchy notes as a distant owl let the area know he was now open for business. 

Inside the lodge the usual evening cocktail party was going full blast. However it was those outside who got the best high.