Heading Home…We’ll Miss This


We’ve been on the west coast for quite a while now and it’s time to go back to Boston. It snowed there yesterday.

No matter. Albert Einstein said, Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

I believe it.

The Big Oak and The Storm


Nature’s power on display.

I love this old tree. It’s been around way longer than I’ve been on this planet. It sits in the middle of the lawn of my Grandparent’s place. They provided it a lot of space to show off and my goodness it certainly does.

Chihuly and The Leaf


In the Boston Museum of Art is an enormous Dale Chihuly sculpture in the giant open food court. It looks for all the world like some sort of cactus like tree. This  photograph was taken of a leaf outside the building with a reflection of that sculpture overlaid on the little leaf.

I confess that the leaf appeals to me much more than the giant glass sculpture. I think its little form has infinitely more power and grace.

The Hand Of Time


Given enough time nature will take back her own. This photograph is of a side wall of the building next door. Because it is somewhat secluded, maintenance people don’t get to see it very often and the result is the vegetation growth and masonry decay are taking their toll, creating a kind of wabi-sabi wall.

Many years or centuries from now, if it’s left alone, what looks like a wall today will be nothing more than a mound of thick vegetation with a tree or two shading the birds and animals that live near by.

It’s a comforting or disquieting thought, depending on one’s point of view.